Ashley Home for the Holiday Family Makeover!
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Welcome to Ashley Home for the Holiday Family Makeover!
About the contest...
Ashley Furniture is giving away a room makeover to one lucky family and you get to decide which room design the family will receive. Your vote will give Kailey the bedroom of her dreams.

About the family...
Misty & David Nehl - daughter Kailey (8 years old)

Misty & David Nehl are much like many other parents. Every day they do their best to take care of each other and their 8 year-old daughter, Kailey. Also, like many other families the Nehl's have faced their fair share of struggles and challenges. Several months ago, both Misty and David lost their jobs and then their home. Without stable employment, or a home they quickly found themselves in a desperate situation. 

Fortunately, one day Misty & David found The Salvation Army's Family Enrichment Center. Here they not only had a safe place to live, but they also received the guidance and support they needed to rebuild their lives. In November, the Nehl's were able to move from the Family Enrichment Center back into their own housing. They say they are grateful to be spending the holidays together in a home of their own. Misty and David say they are also grateful for their daughter Kailey.

"Kailey is such as blessing to us," Misty Nehl said. "She's very smart for her age and always puts others first."

Misty says that even though her daughter was well aware of the family's recent struggles Kailey never complained and remained the good-natured and kind-hearted little girl that her mother has always known her to be.

"A surprise bedroom makeover for her would be just wonderful!" Misty said. "I'm sure she would be so happy and thankful with whatever room design is chosen."

Kailey loves butterflies and the colors pink and purple.

About Ashley Furniture Home Store...
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Ashley Home for the Holiday Family Makeover!

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